Door Depot Canada is looking for Local Sub-Distributor at $0 cost & $0 risk in your local market! All interested parties are welcome all year round!

How to become a local distributor of Door Depot Canada at $0 cost and $0 risk?

3 Steps Only! Simple and Easy!

Step 1:

Contact us at 6473256881 or by ASAP.

Step 2:

Tell me which local market you want to become our sub-distributor for!

Step 3:

We’ll handle the rest and set you up as our official distributor in the agreed market within the same day.


What are the benefits from becoming our local sub-distributor?

  1. You will enjoy the Best Price!
  2. You will enjoy the Best Quality!
  3. You will enjoy the Best Warranty!
  4. You will enjoy all kinds of Marketing & Sales support from us both online & offline!
  5. You will always lead the market by being the first to have our new products launch every year!
  6. You will always enjoy the proprietary central warehouse inventory support service!
  7. You will enjoy our special program “Custom order @ Standard Rate” VIP service!
  8. You will enjoy our special program “Personalized design @ Mass production Rate” VIP service!
  9. You will always enjoy from us many other innovations on products, technology and even business models to ensure that you are always competitive and profitable in the market!
  10. You not only can sell direct to your typical clients, but also distribute to other professional clients in your area to add more wholesale volume business.

What are the requirements or criteria to become our local sub-distributor?

  1. As long as you have strong DESIRE to grow your business!
  2. As long as you have strong SENSE of innovation and crisis?
  3. As long as you have $5000 to put in as the security deposit, which is fully refundable at any time, to have a full line of decorative doorlite designs to start with as a distribution display package!
  4. No other requirements at all! We give you full support to help you succeed!